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Linux virtual private servers.

Our virtual private server (VPS) product range is designed to be both flexible and scalable to the end user. We offer a number of leading Control Panel's in order to successfully manage your server. If you require a special setup, or have any further questions please contact us, where we will be more than happy to assist.

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Our Linux VPS product range offers you, the ability to operate your very own private virtual server. All our VPS products give you full root command line control to manage your server.

If you wish to take advantage of a control panel (GUI) based interface, we have a selection of control panels to choose from, including cPanel, Direct Admin, Webmin and Kloxo. The control panel will allow you to manage and control your VPS from a simple interactive web interface.

If you have any questions in relation to our products, or require a special setup please contact us, where we will be more than happy to assist in providing a suitable solution.

Our Linux VPS products are unmanaged by default, however for customers who require management, we recommend cPanel as a choice of control panel to maintain and control your server. We do offer a semi-managed support service when you select cPanel control panel with your server. We offer many additional support packages, these can be obtained directly from us.

RAM is guaranteed memory that only your VPS can fully utilise. BURST otherwise known as Burstable RAM is the amount of memory that is available beyond your guaranteed RAM. All our hardware nodes are able to burst to the fully advertised limits. For your information a VPS with 512MB of RAM, and 1024MB of Burstable RAM would be capable of consuming up to a total of 1024MB. This all is dependent on the status of the hardware node, and if any other VPS's are requesting the RAM. You should always ensure your guaranteed RAM covers your typical usage. 

  • Additional 5GB HD Space $10 per month
  • Additional 10GB HD Space $15 per month
  • Additional 256MB RAM $5 per month
  • Additional 512MB RAM $10 per month
  • Dedicated IP Address $2 per month
  • Offsite Backup starting from $5 per month

  • cPanel Control Panel $14 per month
  • Direct Admin Panel from $24 per month
  • Webmin & Kloxo are completely FREE
  • Softaculous Script Installer $4 per month
  • WHMCS Billing Software $14 per month
  • Geotrust SSL Certificate $39.95 per year

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