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Legal Policy

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Web Request is a leading provider of web development products and services. We focus our service to offer quality products with a rapid response support team. We also offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to client requirements.

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Terms of Service

Web Request Terms of Service.  This Agreement governs the purchase and use, in any manner, of all services provided by Web Request.

Upon signing up for a service offered Web Request, all customers agree to comply with Web Request's Terms of Service.  This policy is aimed to ensure our customers are using Web Request's services with due regard to the rights of other Internet users and in conformity with the requirements of Web Request's environment.

Web Request reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, and any policy or guideline incorporated at any time and from time to time in its sole discretion, such changes apply to both existing or future customers.  The continued use of services offered by Web Request reflect that you have read and accept of such changes or modifications.

Privacy Policy:

Web Request is committed to protecting it's users privacy, we will only collect information that is legally required, and in accordance with specific Data Protection Act's. We will not pass your information to any other 3rd party unless your full consent is given. Please contact our support department for further clarification.

Illegal Use:

Web Request equipment may be used for lawful purposes only.  Transmission, storage, or distribution of any information, data, or material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; trademarks; trade secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization; material that is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates any laws.

If you believe one of our clients is using our network for such transmission or are unsure whether the use is permitted, please contact our support department for clarification.

Adult Content:

Legal adult content is allowed on our network only if we are notified, this is due to the special system and network requirements of adult-oriented sites, pornography and sex-related merchandising.

Server Abuse:

Attempts to cause harm to a Web Request's equipment, or any customer of Web Request is strictly prohibited.  We reserve the right to suspend or remove any account without prior notice, if we have reason to believe that any of the terms outlined in this Agreement are violated.

Any client who uses Web Request equipment to provide a free host or hosting service without notifying our support department risks there site(s) being suspended until this matter is discussed.  Clients must also not use our equipment for debugging an application, or to run an application or program which crashes or causes harm to any of our equipment, those who do risk account suspension or even termination.  We ( do not allow any services or programs that in any way potentially affect the security, speed or stability of our equipment.

If you are unsure whether the use of a program or application is permitted, please contact our support department for clarification.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM):

Web Request takes a zero tolerance approach to Unsolicited Email otherwise known as SPAM from or through Web Request's equipment, to any user(s) or network is strictly prohibited.  Web Request will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation.  Those who do risk immediate suspension and/or removal from our network. The user or users also risk further action being taken and a minimum fine.


Violations of system or network security are strictly prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability.  Furthermore the use of Web Request's equipment or network resources to gain unauthorized access to other Internet users and/or other networks, is prohibited.

Server Resources:

Any account that uses a high amount of server resources, such as, but not limited to, CPU, memory or any other network resources, will be given the opportunity to move to a higher range of product offered.

Web Request's customers are offered their allowed traffic.  Any excess bandwidth usage will be billed to the client at a rate of $5 per 50GB which will be purchased in blocks prior to exceeding the monthly bandwidth usage.

Any account affecting our equipments performance, such as but not limited speed or stability risks there account being suspended without notice.


Web Request does not allow IRC or any bots of such nature to be operated.


Web Request will not be held responsible for any damages your business may suffer. Web Request makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied of the services we provide.

Website Activity:

In the event that there is no web site availability, Web Request will credit the monthly charge for the outstanding service as calculated below and as measured within a calendar month, the maximum credit will not to exceed the monthly service charge for the affected month.

95% to 99.9% = 25% credit, 90% to 94.9% = 50% credit, 89.9% or below = 100% credit.

In order for you to receive credit to your account, you must request such credit within five days of occurrences.  You must request credit by sending an email or support query through normal methods.  Credits will usually be applied within sixty days of your request.  Any credit to your account shall be your sole and exclusive remedy in the event that there is no web site availability.

Server Backups:

Web Request will ensure we backup your website and all content stored on our network, in prevention of any data loss.  Web Request will backup data to a 3rd party storage service. Furthermore all our equipment is RAID protected, to ensure redundancy and provide a secure environment for our clients data.  Please note we cannot be held responsible for any data loss.  You are responsible for maintaining local backups of your data.

Special Offers:

Web Request may occasionally run a number of special offers on our site and/or a number of other 3rd party websites, these offers are subject to availability and new customers only, current customers are not able to take advantage of these special offers unless otherwise stated.  We reserve the right to remove any special offers from our website(s) at any given time and/or request the removal from other 3rd party websites without any given notice.


All fees for services offered by Web Request are due in advance and fall within our billing schedule.  In the event that customer fails to pay within the billing schedule, the client will agree to pay a late fee if the customer's account or accounts become more than five calendar days overdue.  This applies if we have not been notified in advance of any account billing changes. Should any account or accounts exceed the five calendar days where no payment has been received the account will be suspended until payment is made.  Once thirty calendar days have passed, the clients account will be removed without warning and all data lost.

To avoid interruptions in service, accounts are billed on a recurring, subscription basis.  Outstanding balances to be paid to Web Request will be paid in full within the given terms, should users outstanding balance remain unpaid Web Request will begin legal proceedings to recover funds.

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel any service offered by Web Request, the main account holder must notify our billing support staff by raising a support query with details on the reason for cancelling the service offered, the account holder must include all requested information by our support staff in order to cancel the account fully.  Any outstanding balances must be paid in full before any cancellation will be processed.

Under our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, Web Request will provide customers with a full refund on all services excluding our dedicated server range, unless marked otherwise.  This guarantee only applies if the customers usage is less than 50% of the full paid monthly usage.  If the customers usage is above the allowed usage no refund will be given.   Web Request will not provide cancellation refunds in cases were admin time has exceeded 2 hours in order to transfer, edit or complete any request to move a website(s) otherwise known as account(s) to our servers. 

In order to receive such money back the main account holder must notify our billing support staff by raising a support query with details on the reason for cancelling the service offered, the account holder must include all requested information by our support staff in order to cancel the account fully.  The guarantee does not apply to any setup fees.

This guarantee does not apply to accounts that have been suspended or terminated due to a violation of this Agreement.

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